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Welcome to Spree Touring,  we apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused.

Beginning 2014, Spree Touring will no longer offer cyclists the Brute or Kicker events. For 14 years we have had the pleasure to connect with many riders that share our passion for challenging tours as well as the support of so many volunteers that have welcomed us into their communities.

In 2000 Spree set out to establish a series of events that would introduce riders to the incredible and unique touring experience offered by the driftless regions of central and western Wisconsin. By way of three Wisconsin Triple Crowns, the goal has been achieved. A 2011 partnership with Dairyland Dare, LLC brought together three separate events to challenge even the most seasoned cyclists. Riders are encouraged to continue to seek out adventure on the driftless' vast network of roads and visit these welcoming communities.

As we enter the New Year, we are grateful for the past opportunities to serve you. Spree's energy will focus on health and family. We wish for you many years of riding.

Ride On'

Don and Sue Curtis
Harvest Ride, Arcadia's BRUTE, Kickapoo Kicker and Wisconsin Triple Crown


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Spree Touring

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Arcadia High School Golf
Alma Lions
Arcadia Soccer
Bethany Lutheran
Cochrane/Fountain City High School Golf
Dell Methodist
Enterprise Eagles 4-H
Glencoe Hustlers 4-H
Hudson Boy Scout Troop 168
Hudson Girls Swim Team
La Farge – Friends of Lawton Memorial Library
La Farge Volleyball
LiveStrong at the Eau Claire YMCA
Ontario Community Club
Pleasant Valley Waldorf School
Vernon County Farm to School (AmeriCorp)
Vernon Trails
Viroqua High School Cross Country
Viroqua Lions
Viroqua Rotary
Waumandee Lions
Winona Amateur Radio Club